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Chinese alphabet character

Welcome to the home of Chinese alphabet character. Here you can find information you about Chinese alphabet character.

Chinese alphabet character is mysterious. Chinese symbols come from painting or drawing. Ancient Chinese people paint or draw some figures. As it evolves, it become Chinese alphabet character.

Chinese alphabet character is now very popular. You can see a lot of people have Chinese alphabet character on their body. Art works contains Chinese alphabet character such as Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy are great gift ideas and great decoration of rooms. Many people have Chinese alphabet character on their t-shirts.

Chinese culture have a great influence on cultures of the neighborhood countries such as Japan and Korea. These countries are still using Chinese characters and Chinese letter writing more or less in their everyday lives.

Most Japanese calligraphy or Korean calligraphy actually are Chinese calligraphy.

The greatest Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi improved his calligraphy a lot after he traveled from south part of China to the north. He said later that it is kind of waste of time to only study Mrs. Wei's calligraphy.

As an art work, Chinese calligraphy carries the calligrapher's mood and thoughts. You can really feel how the calligraphy felt when he was painting the art work.

Chinese calligraphy come from writing Chinese characters. The Chinese characters come from the painting. The invention of Chinese brushes greatly pushed the development of Chinese calligraphy as an art.

Chinese calligraphy are popular in China for thousands of years. People decorate rooms with Chinese calligraphy just like painting.

Many people buy Chinese calligraphy works from us and then asked which side should be the top later.

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