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Chair decoration reception

Chinese calligraphy works have served as a chair decoration reception idea for thousands of years. People use the art works to decorate rooms. There usually are some Chinese calligraphy works hang on the wall to decorate the homes.

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If there are no Chinese calligraphy, there will be no decoration in China.

Most Chinese houses have a courtyard. There are a big door at the gate. On the top of the door, there should be some Chinese calligraphy works. Even poor people in China will have Chinese calligraphy works there. If the Chinese characters there were some print, the owner of the house will be regarded as an idiot.

The wedding decorations also include some calligraphy phrases such as "Get old together with white hair", "get along for a hundred years", "happy and harmony". Those works should be on the top of windows or doors of the new couple's home.

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