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Chinese calligraphy works have served as a asian decor home styleation idea for thousands of years. People use the art works to asian decor home styleate rooms. There usually are some Chinese calligraphy works hang on the wall to asian decor home styleate the homes.

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Chinese calligraphy art works are also widely used to tombstones. In ancient China, tombstones are used to record the life of the owner. To have people after thousands of years to see the life of the owner, Chinese calligraphy works were carved into the stones.

A large part of historical Chinese art works was successfully preserved as the tombstones. Famous calligraphy works are Zhang Qian Bei, Cao Quan Bei, Yan Qin Li Bei and so on.

In China, most signboards are written in Chinese calligraphy. If a sign is not written in calligraphy, it give viewers an impression that the company or shop is not professional.

The wedding decorations also include some calligraphy phrases such as "Get old together with white hair", "get along for a hundred years", "happy and harmony". Those works should be on the top of windows or doors of the new couple's home.

On the wedding day, there should be some Chinese calligraphy characters such as "double happiness", "good fortune", "celebration". These calligraphy works should be on red paper since red means good fortune or luck.

In any events, there should be Chinese calligraphy works. For example, in a performance, the top of the stage might be decorated by some Chinese calligraphy works indicating the name of the event.

All vehicles used for the wedding day should be decorated with the calligraphy "celebration". When the vehicles running on the way, it indicates the wedding to people.

For the relatives, the most closed relatives should have the symbol of celebration on both sides of the doors of the gate in their homes.

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