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New English terms introduced from Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a special art based on Chinese characters. There is no such art corresponding to this art in the western world. As a result, we have to introduce some new words to English from Chinese calligraphy. The following are some words we introduced. We use the Pin Yin (which is the pronunciation of Chinese, originally introduced from English) for the spell of the new words.

Bi. In Chinese, bi means the tool for writing. Any tools for writing is called bis. Many people call the tool for doing Chinese calligraphy as brush. But in Chinese, it's actually called hair bi, meaning it's a tool used for writing and it's made from hair.

Tie. Master calligraphy works on paper are called ties.

Heng. The basic horizontal stoke, starting from left and end at right.

Shu. The basic vertical stoke, from top to down.

Pie. The basic stoke, from right high position to left low position.

Na. The basic stoke, from left high position to right low position.

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