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Chinese calligraphy

Museum quality Chinese calligraphy art works with great bargain! Fantastic personalized tattoo design, wedding calligraphy and calligraphy services!

Chinese painting and calligraphyAs an abstract art for more than 3000 years, Chinese calligraphy is not just writing Chinese characters, neither just writing well. It is an art to express spirits. A calligraphy work carries the calligrapher's personality, mood, idea, thoughts and soul.

Chinese calligraphy art has been popular in China for thousands of years. It is also popular in the neighborhood countries such as Korea and Japan.

Chinese calligraphy is wonderful for decoration. In China, calligraphy is considered an advanced decoration. It also serves as great presents.

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Here you will find :

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Chinese calligraphy strengthToday, as international communication increases, people from different countries and different cultures start to understand others more than ever. As a result, Chinese calligraphy has been walking into the lives of people all over the world.

Our calligraphy art works are of museum quality. As a fact, most museums outside of China do not have calligraphy art up to our quality. This is due to the difficulty for a nonnative Chinese speaker to understand Chinese calligraphy as an art. Chinese calligraphy appreciation is even hard for Chinese people. As always, there are only a small part of the population in China has the ability to appreciate this abstract art.

We are one of the few websites introducing Chinese calligraphy as an art in English. Although it's difficult for a non Chinese speaker to completely understand calligraphy art, it's possible that such a person can understand it to a certain degree. Our mission is to help people who are interested in Chinese calligraphy to understand it more.

We are also a resource of pictures of historical calligraphy pieces. Some pieces have more than 100 pictures. We provide pictures to many other Chinese calligraphy sites, including some sites in Chinese.

We are the first site to load free Chinese calligraphy video.

Here are some free Chinese calligraphy pictures. These calligraphy works were created around 1998. You can feel free to use without authorization.

Please come to read Lixin's articles on Chinese calligraphy.

From now on, we will post some anecdotes of calligraphers. Those anecdotes are fun to read.

What our customers say?

I just wanted to say thank you again for your fine work.  The calligraphy
you've done for our karate school is unique and elegant. more testimonies...

Check our Chinese calligraphy art gallery now!

Enter to win a free Chinese calligraphy art work or tattoo design ($40 value)!

New art works :


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