Stunning Chinese calligraphy: Farewell

This is a perfect piece to decorate rooms. This piece is stunning! Unbelievable magnificent! And it is unique at ebay.

This piece is original. Signed and sealed by the artiest. Size is 8.5x11. A scanned picture is here. Note any prints will be illegal. And the real piece looks much better that this one. 

About the author: Li Bai (701-762). Zi: Tai Bai. He had great achievement at poem. He and Du, Fu are the greatest poets in history.  Du Fu said Li Bai's poem "Brush scares storms. Make god and ghosts cry when the poem finished".

Translation to English: 

Title : Farewell with Meng, Haoran, who left for Guang Ling, at Huang He Lou.

Old friend left Huang He Lou  

to the west

In March

the season with full of flowers

Single sail

far image

the end of the blue sky

Only the water of the Chang Jiang river

from the edge of the sky

About the artist: This is a calligraphy work by Lixin Wang. With a persistent love to this art, he practiced calligraphy for 20 years already. He is good at all scripts : Zhuan Shu, Li Shu, Cao Shu, Xing Shu and Kai Shu. He built a website "Wave Dancing Chinese Calligraphy" devoting to Chinese calligraphy. The website is still under construction but there're already a lot of articles and images of best calligraphy works in history. All articles on that website are written by Lixin Wang.

Chinese calligraphy is a necessity in China to decorate the rooms. Chinese calligraphy is a deep, serious art based on Chinese characters. It's the soul of Chinese culture. What kind of calligraphy is hung in a person's room is a reflection of the personality of the person. For example, if a person hang a mediocre calligraphy in a nice luxury frame, it just mean that person is somewhat not well educated, don't know how to appreciate calligraphy as an art. On the other hand, if a person have a real good piece of calligraphy with good literal content, than implies the person is well educated, knowledgeable and have a refined taste. For more knowledge and information about calligraphy, please visit Wave Dancing Chinese Calligraphy.