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Chinese calligraphy Evaluation and Identification

If you are not a calligrapher and want to buy a Chinese calligraphy work for more than $100, you have to get it evaluated. Nowadays there are so many fake calligraphy works of famous calligraphers.

It's impossible to be 100% objective in evaluating a calligraphy work. Even for the greatest calligraphy works in history, there're some famous calligraphers gave negative remarks. Therefore, I don't claim objective. Identify if a calligraphy works is from a famous calligrapher is difficult. Once a calligrapher borrowed Wang Xizhi's calligraphy to study. He returned him a fake one. Wang Xizhi didn't recognize it at the beginning. He recognized it later. 

Given my experience and knowledge, I will tell how good a calligraphy work is and I will tell if a calligraphy work is from a famous calligrapher or a fake one. We will write an evaluation for works worth $100 or more. If we think it's not worth $100, we will not write an evaluation and just tell you it doesn't worth $100.

For all services above, please send us the pictures or scanned images of the work to calligraphy@wavedancing.net .

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